Looking to Save Money?

Learning what expenses to deduct on your tax return can help lower your taxes. Deduct or Not contains a library of 800+ possible federal tax deductions, which can help you save money.

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Overwhelmed by Complex Tax Laws?

Deduct or Not offers a quick, reliable, and convenient way to learn which expenses are deductible or not for individuals, small business owners, and small landlords. With simplified explanations from a former IRS Tax Auditor, you can be confident in the answers you’re receiving.

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Why Use This?

With Deduct or Not, you’ll increase your understanding of the complex federal tax laws so you can:

Save time looking for answers

Legally lower your taxes

Save more money


Verify what you can deduct


Find additional deductions

Reduce your IRS audit risk

Know what issues are most audited by the IRS

Have confidence in your deductions